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Your Guide to Rainingman 2014

Posted 5 months ago on July 16, 2014, 5:01 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: Raingman2014

A message from the good people at @CascadiaNow!

Summer is in mid-stride, and that means it's almost time for our first ever Cascadia rainingman festival. So what exactly is Rainingman? is it a burning man ripoff... or Cascadia cult event.... or.....

Well, the answer is kind of a mix of all three. More than anything, we want to create a space for anyone in to the idea of Cascadia to come together for a fun weekend of camping, music, art and organizing, and have a great time.

During the day we'll have presentations, panels, discussions, workshops, skillshares from individuals, groups and organizations from around the Cascadia bioregion, and in the night, we party.

Saturday: We will focus on Cascadia as it exists now, with presentations and discussions focused around groups active right now, and issues facing our region.

Sunday: will focus on Cascadia tomorrow! and be focused around organizing and planning for the future.

Located near Concrete, WA, the event will be held an a 100+ acre farm/wooded area right off of a tributary of the Skagit.

Directions sent upon registration. Learn more at RainingMan2014.org



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[-] 1 points by ApexPredator (9) 5 months ago

I have finished five books now. It is all with weird titles. Still need a leaf to stand under.

[-] 1 points by ApexPredator (9) 5 months ago

I have a book to publish. It is called Devil. And it has a picture of Cheney on it. It is dressed in a poetical fashion. That means it does not have too many words to it. Easy to understand.

You would take chances with it, but not much.

It is very well written and easy to understand. I need a leaf to stand under.